Work still going on…..but slowly.

May 22, 2015

So hey, just a quick post to say that I’m still alive and am still scanlating Fate/Strange Fake. But things will be moving slowly for a while. It’s just after the exams for schools here in Singapore. Surprisingly, things are actually busier than it was before the exams started.

Before the exams, we teachers are focused on completing the syllabus before the exams start, and ensuring that the students actually understand what the hell we are talking about (most of the time, they don’t. haha). After the exams, however, it’s a mad rush of post-exam activities, inter-class games, learning journeys and all that. And the school still wants us to do file checks on the students. Like, how in the world are we supposed to find the time to do that?


Ah well. You gotta do what you gotta do. Work work~~


Fate/Strange Fake – Act 2.1 scanslated!

May 11, 2015

So, while juggling between work and life, I’ve managed to typeset the first part of Fate/Strange Fake’s Act 2! This chapter is huge – consisting of over 60 pages! So I’ve chosen to split the chapter up into two, with Part 1 focusing on Berserker’s Master Flatt, and Part 2 on Rohngall and his apprentice.

One can never have enough Enkidu.

One can never have enough Enkidu.

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New Project – Fate/Strange Fake: Act 1 scanslated

April 27, 2015

As some of you may know, Fate/Strange Fake is a light novel written by Narita Ryohgo back in 2008 as an April’s Fool joke. Ryohgo is the author of Baccano! and Durarara!!, both of which are really great reads. Should you be interested in reading the light novel, you would be pleased to note that Fate/Strange Fake has long since been translated into English by nakulas back in 2013.

It was announced back in 2014 that Fate/Strange Fake would be getting a short manga adaptation. While surfing around on the Internet recently, I came across links to the Chinese raws of the manga adaptation. A quick check revealed that no one was working on this gem yet, so I decided to do it. Fortunately, nakulas has already done most of the translations when he worked on the novel in 2013, so……….much of the credit for this release would have to go to him. Without him laying the foundation, I probably won’t have bother to pick up this project.



Cool story bro, but needs more Gilgamesh.



That said, please enjoy the manga. And do visit nakulas on his blog to thank him for all the hard work he did on Fate/Strange Fake. I’m sure he would appreciate the support.

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1 year on…

April 22, 2015

Been about 1 year since i last updated this blog. I’ve always told myself that I would get round to it – funny how things like that tends to work out, eh?

To be honest, I’m kinda surprised that this blog is still being hosted by Dasaku. I mean, it isn’t cheap to host a site, let alone one that has been dead for quite some time. Mad props for not taking me down yet!

That being said, I’ve cut down on my involvement in anything anime related. Being in the working world demands a lot out of you, especially if you are in the education industry. Most days I end up reaching home drained, and I still have marking to do.  *sigh* But the kids are worth it, when they are not busy making you angry enough to pull your hair out.

I still do try to watch anime, and make a special effort to catch Unlimited Blade Works every week. Speaking of which, my Bluray order of Unlimited Blade Works is coming in – will post up the unboxing pictures and a review when it gets here.

Reason why I posted here again? I just miss writing. Somehow, it’s more destressing than killing hordes of demons in Diablo 3 (add me there if you so wish, haha) So yes, I will probably be posting a lot more often.

Perhaps I will use this as a place to put up sections of that Typemoon fanfic idea I have been thinking about for the last few years.


Till then, stay safe, people.



Narcissu 1st and 2nd on Steam! Get it now…for FREE

April 27, 2014

Been quite some time since I last posted here on this blog. Regardless, to those few souls who still check this site out (I thank you, whoever you are), you may be interested to know that the heart-wrenching Visual Novel Narcissu and Narcissu Side 2nd are out on Steam, totally free!


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