Melty Blood Act II – Miyako FTW!

July 6, 2009

While CI is off working on first series of Melty Blood and One Day volumes under the group name “SugoiSugoi”, Twi and I have been working on (yet) another manga series. Melty Blood: Act II, this time featuring everyone’s favorite imouto – China-girl Miyako-chan! More after the jump.

Miyako-chanOnii-chan~~~ <3

Yes, Miyako is moe. Too bad I can’t really use her in Melty Blood – I’m more of a White Len and Nero  player.

Anyway, to cut long story short, here are the first three chapters of Melty Blood Act II, in mediafire and sendspace formats.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Hope you enjoy them! See, I wasn’t off slacking around like you might have thought.

Also, White Len love. I can’t wait for her to appear again.

5 Responses to “Melty Blood Act II – Miyako FTW!”

  1. Damn stifler i love you i was wondering who was gonna continue melty blood act II on mangafox. what happened to Kohaku and Hisui? i gotta feeling mech hisui is gonna come into the picture.


    Stifler Reply:

    @Jon: Actually, she already did. Twi has been working on Melty Blood Act II, so you can go check his site out.


  2. Thx a lot…another million thx to you…
    but, I just wondering…when the tsukihime will coming out?..
    for the chapter 58++…
    I’ve been waited all this times…and I wondering when the stifler~sama will gonna do this one…>.<…
    anyway, thx a lot for sharing it to us…
    million thx for you..XD…


  3. I love the Big O reverence in the beginning of chapter 1, with Mecha-Hisui instead of Bigs.


  4. stifler are u gonna continue translating tsuhime?? i searched and i found only raw… i wish i was born in japan :S


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