Melty Blood Act 2 – Chapter 4 released

July 25, 2009


Wake up. Rape the maids. Your one purpose in life.

Melty Blood Act 2, Chapter 4. Have fun with it! XD

Also, might be releasing a v2 on this chapter.

4 Responses to “Melty Blood Act 2 – Chapter 4 released”

  1. That was a rather startling image at 1 in the morning…


    Stifler Reply:

    Yup. Now go rape the maids. XD


  2. whoa! i came!


  3. Its great but please release chapters of “Tsukihime”. Its the best one among all and more popular and so more and more fans are waiting for the next chapter


  4. After all these years in the industry, we’re still acting like kids on Chrismas Eve evertime a new shipment arrives to the warehouse.


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